About us

Our bodies have a voice that our minds often fail to hear. Our bodies have needs that our minds often fail to meet.

To reach harmony between mind and body requires practice. The foods we eat, the depths of our breaths, and our daily behaviours all affect the unity between our mind and body - which, in turn, affects our health and vitality. Today, body care is perceived as a luxury. Le Spa makes it possible for the ritual of self-care to become a regular practice Le Spa aims to redefine body care, presenting an accessible and affordable everyday way to love thyself.

Le Spa a place for the soul to be still and hear its own music..


I absolutely love it!! All of my senses were entirely satisfied. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. They provide you with the entire spa experience that appeals to all 5 of your senses. Starting from the amazing ambience and beautiful design, the chilled music, the must-try pampering treatments, the wonderful (caffeine-free) green tea they provide you with after you're done, and the yummy smelling products they use on you. I am definitely going back there again (really soon!)

Hala Kaabar