Le Spa Express

Le Spa Express

Face Sculpting Massage

Give your face a quick lift with this treatment. After being cleansed and toned, face will be delicately massaged to stimulate blood flow, enhance contour, and reduce appearance of wrinkles. Recommended once a week especially after a deep facial clean.

Hydra Marine face

Picture this: The sound of the ocean; the smell of the fresh salt air, the cool water on the shore touching your skin for the first time in a long time. Such is the Thalgo ritual…From deep within the Oceans, the French niche brand’s marine based has extracted the secret of new light infused hydration. Utilizing the marine elements, “Seve Bleue” offering a therapeutic experience mixing natural ingredients with massage and careful application that mimics the rhythms of the oceans this algae based sea salt scrub and massaging facial promises to rejuvenate the skin, and leave the entire face and yourself looking and feeling radiantly restored.

Refresh Express

This all-around treatment is great for any type of skin at any time of day. Face is cleansed, toned and gently scrubbed before a contouring serum and Mask are applied, then a brief massage helps add the final pick-me-up touch. You may elect to complete to this treatment utilizing all organic ingredients. This routine may be adjusted to suit your needs, with different products applied according to your skin’s special requests. Feel free to inquire with your therapist for customization of the treatment.

Leg compression plus +

Is the perfect combination of leg compression followed by a foot massage for the relaxing finale.

Honey Facial

The power of honey is coupled with a lymphatic drainage massage to offer maximum detoxification and hydration to the face. After skin is cleaned and toned, facial lymph nodes are massaged to help detoxify skin. Honey is then applied as hydrating and vitamin boosting, After skin is given time to absorb honey’s natural antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties, face is cleaned and topped with finishing cream. Walk out buzzing!

Hydra Marine eye

Pamper the windows to your soul with this facial massage focusing on eyes, refresh, smooth, fill and lift your eye contour area. Controlling your youthfulness is our speciality.

Hair and Scalp

Utilizing a choice of oils and cream to hydrate and deeply nourish hair, this massage targets the scalp to help increase blood circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Foot Massage

Lay back and rest those tired feet! This treatment helps to reduce swelling and tension in the feet by drawing on reflexology and massaging those precious toes with oils, creams and (optional) cooling gels.

Leg Compression

Relax those tense muscles and help to improve lymphatic and blood system circulation. A perfect fit for all yogis and athletes out there!