Le Spa Face Therapy

Le Spa Face Therapy

Close your eyes and allow your face to receive the cleansing, soothing, revitalizing effects of a facial.
All facials begin with a cleansing and toning routine, including the gentle application of a face scrub and mask. During the time in which the mask is applied, a complimentary pampering massage will be offered. At the end of your facial, a personalized finishing serum and cream with SPF will be applied to allow the healing nutrients of applied treatments to be fully absorbed into skin.

Deep Cleansing

This treatment isn’t kidding around! It includes extraction to get underneath the dirt that lies in pores, and remove the impurities that sit just below the surface of the skin. Treat your face to this powerful dose of catharsis.

Le spa Facial

This pampering facial delivers maximum benefits with minimal tugging to get your face ready for a big day, week or month. As this facial is especially gentle, it is recommended for those with sensitive skin, or a big event ahead, who want to be relaxed and indulged, and left looking so.

Just C

Abundant with antioxidants, this facial suits all kinds of skin, as it boosts collagen, offers rejuvenation through antioxidants, reduces the appearance of fine lines and spots, and soothes even the most sensitive and fair of faces.

Dr. R. Sacher’s

Stop the clock facial! Dr. Roland Sacher’s luxury line is based on an outstanding concept of active ingredients. The main complex is the PCM – Complex containing extracts of Pearls, Caviar and Magnolia. This activate dermal energy reserves and in doing so ensures that the skin is revived.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

A diamond wand helps to resurface skin, vacuuming away dead cells. Treatment is topped off with completely hydrating and indulgent creams and serums.

Detox me!

Clean and clear your face from toxins without and within. Be massaged with an array of detoxifying creams and serums, and end with a 20 minute clarifying mask. While waiting for this mask’s effects to be complete, your feet will enjoy a relaxing massage.

Le Posh

This decadent facial draws on the oxidization powers of caviar to pamper and revitalize your skin. With its powerful caviar-base, your face will reap the benefits of natural anti-aging ingredients, rich in omega 3, amino and fatty acids, while also experiencing a boost in collagen.

Anti-aging treatment

Dare to defy time with a bouquet of skin regenerating products. This facial stimulates the production of estrogen to help skin structure be strengthened and restored. Your face will enjoy the gentle, enriching hydrating elasticity improved and anti-aging benefits of the hyaluronic acid, skin refining enzyme peel, Kombucha-enriched anti-aging lotion, and an extra hydrating cream rich with isoflavones.