Le Spa Massage

Le Spa Massage

Relaxing Back Massage

Concentrating on the upper body, this gentle massage relieves tension in the lower back, upper neck shoulders and upper arms.

Aromatherapy Massage

Highly concentrated plant oils are added to the base of Macedonian massage oil, so that your limbic system (controlling emotions and the nervous system) may be pampered along with your body.

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the relaxing sense of having had a beach day without even leaving the city. This full body massage using smooth, round hot stones to massage the entire body. As the stones absorb and release toxic energy in the body, your body will be freed of the tensions it holds so tightly.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle massage focuses on lymph nodes to drain the body extra fluids and help increase blood circulation.

Swedish Massage

Lay back and enjoy a full body relaxation and invigoration. Slight pressure is utilized to relieve tension throughout while pampering skin with a blend of special cream and oil.

La Spa Massage

This massage is for the woman who wants it all. Enjoy a combination of multiple kinds of massage, the powers of a Swedish massage are joined with the soothing elements of an aromatherapy massage and topped off by the invigorating forces of a hot stone massage.

Candle massage

Ignite a flame with burning desire. Warm, sensual and relaxing, let the sweet fragrant oil take over your body